Pam Olley

DSA Award Winner (2006)

Pam Olley has been involved with the OTA for over 15 years. Before becoming President of the Association, Pam chaired the OTA Seniors Committee and was Vice President of Marketing and Communications. As Chair of the OTA Seniors Committee, Pam developed a tournament schedule for Seniors and, at the same time, increased the number of torunaments for Seniors. During this time, she also was involved with the planning committee that restructured the OTA Board.

As President of the OTA, Pam reviewed every aspect of the organization to create an atmosphere in which change could take place. She introduced planning and management systems to provide clarity to goals, to define staff and Board expectations, and to track progress through the OTA Strategic and Operations Plans. She stressed the role of the Association as being to promote tennis and to support membership through relationships with volunteers, staff and sponsors. During her presidency, the orgnaization went through several changes including the hiring of an Executive Director. For nearly 10 months, Pam served as the Acting Executive Director.

During her seven years as a Tennis Canada Board member, Pam continued her involvement in the OTA by becoming the Editor of both the Ontario Tennis magazine and the monthly e-magazine. She is still active in these roles.

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