Rogers First Set Tour – Rookie

“A positive, fun, entry-level competition for starter junior tennis players.”


The Rogers First Set Tour – Rookie is a national program designed to bridge the gap between entry-level tennis and the provincial competitive junior circuit. Launched in 2009, Rookie tournaments has reached thousands of juniors each year at tennis clubs and community venues throughout the country. Last year over 5,000 boys and girls across the country competed in over 300 events. The Rookie tournaments encourages players to continue through the tennis pathway to become regular competitors and/or lifelong tennis enthusiasts.

OTA Rookie tournaments are offered to Junior members up to the age of 16. Click HERE to see the age categories.

Rogers First Set Tour – Rookie tournaments cater to players who are new and have less experience in tennis competitions. Players who are ranked top 50 in U12 and/or top 100 in U14 and U16 provincially of their age group are ineligible to play.

All events in the Rookie tournaments are non-elimination tournaments. The round-robin draw type offers youngsters a fun-filled and exciting event with multiple opportunities to play. Each player is guaranteed a minimum of three matches.

OTA Rookie Tournaments Information

Event U8 U9 U10 U12-U16
Ball Red Ball Orange Bal Green Ball Regular Ball
Court Half-court ¾ court Full-court
Scoring 6-game Pro-set, Tiebreak at 5 games all or 30-minute timed matches whichever comes first. (45 – Minutes timed matches for outdoor season)
Draw Format Round Robin with no playoff
 Draw Boys and Girls combined draw Boys and Girls separate draw*

*Draws may be combined in the event of insufficient entries to make the separate draws.

All Rookie tournaments participants must register online through the OTA tournament listings. Each player will be required to have an active Rookie or Junior membership. No manual entries will be taken by tournament directors. All entries must be made online before the entry deadline

Tournament Registration

An active OTA Rookie membership or Junior membership is required to register for Rogers First Set Tour - Rookie tournaments online.

Click HERE to sign up for a Rookie or an OTA Junior membership. Be sure to send proof of age to for membership validation. Birth certificate, passport, or health card are acceptable for proof of age.

For more information regarding the OTA membership, click HERE

Finding Rookie Tournaments

Click HERE to search for Rookie tournaments in Ontario. Enter Rookie in the Search engine to filter Rookie events.

Parents are asked to review the Tournament information in the blue message box located on the tournament page. The tournament information box contains important and general information regarding the tournament. Each tournament page is different and they may contain different information about the respective host club.

Acceptance To Draws

Due to the limited court availability of host clubs, only a certain number of players can be accepted into the draw. The acceptance criteria are as follows

  1. OTA member
  2. Primary age group
  3. Date and time of entry

*Click HERE for the most updated acceptance criteria about the current tournament policies and procedures.

For Participating

For each tournament you attend and participate, each competitor will receive one of the following five prizes:

  • T-Shirts
  • Hat
  • Water Bottle
  • Certificate
  • Socks

Parent & Player Resources

  • Tennis Matchplay 101 – click here
  • Rogers First Set Tour – Rookie: Player & Parent Checklist – click here
  • Tips for Parents – click here

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What’s the Next Step?

To view the Whole Player Development Pathway (WPDP) click here.

We recommend that U9 and U10 players participate in a minimum of 3 Rogers First Set Tour – Rookie events before progressing to the Rogers First Set Tour – Rising Stars. Learn more about Rising Stars tournaments here.

*Please note to participate in Rogers First Set Tour – Rising Stars or provincial-sanctioned tournaments, players will have to upgrade their OTA membership on their Tournament Software website account.

For any questions/inquiries about the Rogers First Set Tour – Rookie tournaments please contact David Fanor at