Tournament Sanction Agreement


Organizing an Ontario Tennis Association (OTA) sanctioned tournament is a great opportunity to promote your facility, attract new members to your club, stimulate community involvement and generate revenue. It is essential that Tournament Directors and the host facility/Academy comply with the sanction guidelines when hosting an event. Failure to comply will jeopardize the sanction status of any future tournaments.

All tournament directors must agree to the following conditions to ensure that their events/tournaments are sanctioned by the OTA:

  • Initial Requests and Communication for Sanctioned Tournaments & Events must be addressed to and approved by the Tournaments Manager: Anissa Chung,
  • Tournament Directors must update their draws online* by the end of each day for the duration of the tournament (VR License) provided by the OTA
  • Any withdrawals, walkovers(w/o), defaults (def) or other code violations are to be emailed to Anissa Chung; by filling out the official OTA Code Violation Report Form.  
  • All OTA sanctioned tournaments must use the Official Ball of the OTA, Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty
  • Proper supervision and knowledgeable tournament staff must be provided during the event (must have proper working knowledge and can enforce OTA’s Code of Conduct).
  • Awards and Trophies must be provided to Finalists and Champions for each category runAny exceptions to the aforementioned due to extenuating circumstances must be approved by the Tournaments Manager prior to the Tournament. Otherwise, failure to adhere may result in foregoing any and/or all privileges in operating OTA sanctioned events.
    * Rogers First Set Tour - Rookie results are exempt from being updated online.

Sanction Fee Structure for OTA Sanctioned Tournaments

  • $175.00 plus HST for 1 category
  • $225.00 plus HST for 2 or more categories

Official Ball of OTA: Non-compliance Penalty

  • Any Club that does not use the Pro Penn Marathon tennis ball will be subject to a non-compliance penalty fee of $150 for each event in violation of this condition.
  • Subsequent/repeat offenders will be subject to having their privileges revoked for running and operating all OTA sanctioned events.

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