New to Competitions

Whether you are a young athlete aged 8 or under, or an adult who is passionate about competition, OTA has a tournament for you.

Tournaments are generally offered to players according to their age: Junior and Adult.

  • Players who are 18 and younger are categorized under Junior players. Click HERE to see how age groups of Juniors are defined.
  • All players beyond the age of Junior belong to the Adult category.

Junior Tournaments

Junior tournaments are set up in line with the Competitive Structure. Click HERE to see what Junior tournaments are offered by OTA.

Adult Tournaments

Adult tournaments are for players of age beyond the Junior category. Tournaments are level-based with Open 1000 the highest level and Adult 3.0 the lowest. In addition, Masters tournaments are offered to adults aged 30 years or older. Click HERE to see the Masters age groups of the current year.

Community Match Play

There are a variety of match-play opportunities offered to competitors in Ontario.

Community Box Ladder

Community and Club Tournaments

In addition to the OTA-sanctioned ranking tournaments, players may seek match opportunities offered by the club which players are affiliated with.

Finding a Tournament and Entering Tournaments

Active membership is required to enter tournaments online. Click HERE for information about OTA membership.

To look for OTA tournaments and events, click HERE.