Smash Cage Policy

National Bank Roadshow - Booking Policy & Procedures

  • Any OTA member club can book the Smash Cage or any other Roadshow event on a first come first serve basis, for the calendar year, starting in January.
  • Each OTA member club is welcome to book one date for the Smash Cage or other Roadshow event. If a second date is requested, it will be subject to date availability.
  • The OTA Smash Cage can be booked for a two hour period. (Extended reservation time at events can be requested to accommodate longer specialty events, and is subject availability.)
  • An OTA Outreach coordinator will be provided to deliver the materials, assemble/disassemble, and facilitate activity. The OTA member club or event can request a local employee/volunteer to facilitate the activity.
  • The OTA reserves the right to cancel participation in any event at any time for weather or safety concerns.
  • The OTA requests that tennis specific sponsors, not affiliated with the OTA, not be invited to attend an OTA Roadshow event.

Thank you for booking your OTA Roadshow event - We look forward to contributing to the festivities!

OTA Roadshow Team


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