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Active membership is required to enter tournaments online.

The following are the types of OTA membership along with the accessibility to OTA tournaments and match play

Membership type Recreational
(Junior Only)
Juniors* Adult Adult**
(Senior/Masters 75+)
Membership fee Free $30 $98 $98 Free
Rookie Tournaments X N/A N/A
Junior Tournaments X X X X
Adult Tournaments X X X
Open Tournaments X X
Masters/Senior Tournaments X X X
Club, Community, WTN Match Play


  • *Proof of age is required for Junior membership validation. Birth certificate, health card, and passport are acceptable documents for proof.
  • **Choose Adult membership and contact OTA for Senior 75+ membership validation.
  • Contact OTA for upgrade of Rookie membership to Junior membership. Payment of fee difference is required.

Please send all requested documents and forward your membership inquiries to

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