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Great Opportunity - Free Seniors Clinics For OTA Clubs

The OTA has started a new program called "Green Means Go". This program provides older adults (50-64) and seniors (65+) with the opportunity to participate in tennis via low-impact beginner/intermediate clinics delivered at volunteer-run community tennis clubs. This program's main delivery is through the use of the progressive tennis equipment with modifications, as needed. The equipment utilized encourages longer rallies and a smoother introduction to the game:

  • green dot balls (or different coloured balls)
  • regular nets (standard 42 feet) or mini-nets (18 feet)
  • 25-inch racquets (compared to the standard 27-29 inch racquets).


Clinics are open to non-members! Participants can enjoy learning the fundamentals of tennis from an OTA-certified instructor, in a safe and supportive environment. We have lots of prizes to distribute, and demo rackets to try as well! The clinics will be best suited for those who have never played before or have very minimal experience.  For the host club, Green Means Go provides a great opportunity for coaches to run a program for their members in the off-season, and even encourages non-members to play and possibly join your club the following year. 



For more information or to book a session, please contact:

Ely Schwartz: 



Check out the OTA calendar HERE and search "Green Means Go" for currently scheduled events!

To inquire about booking availability for a Green Means Go clinic at the Aviva Centre for your club, please contact 




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