Eva Barbiero

Up to a few eyars ago, Eva Barbiero was extremely active as a volunteer in Ontario. She was the co-organizer of the successful Century mixed doubles tournaments, where the combined age of the participants had to be greater than 100. These tournaments involved over 50 teams. As a member of the OTA Seniors Committee, Eva piloted the innovative program which brough mini-tennis to senior citizen homes. In those days, such equipment for mini-tennis was not readily available. These programs were initiated by Eva presenting introductory sessions on the rules of the game and on the proper footwear for the safety of the participants. She also trained the participants to continue the organization of this activity.

For 5 years, Eva diligently followed up the progress by visiting the locations on a regular schedule. When the Canadian Open was at the old site and before there were automatic scoreboards, Eva recruited, trained and organized a team of volunteers to update the match results on the scoreboards.

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