TPA Coach Re-Certification Opportunity


TPA Coach Re-Certification Opportunity

 The Best Way to Learn Tennis - June 3rd in Burlington or June 4th in Toronto.



 “A comprehensive, integrated system to introduce tennis to the masses and grow our game” - Pierre Lamarche.

 Simon Legare - Coach level 3


·         Course conductor for over 100 courses for instructors

·         Recognized by many as the leader for forming recreational players

·         Creator of Frappe, Tennis Learning process

·         4 Learning programs: Cooperation, Adaptation, Opposition and Tactical

·         The Frappe System is used by 19 clubs in Quebec and Ace Tennis in Ontario

·         Cost: $30 TPA members, $35 non-TPA members.

Growing the Game is All Canadian’s not for profit entity. Its mandate is to offer outreach programs and organize events that focus on building strong and healthy communities,

giving families and junior tennis players the opportunity to bond over the love of tennis,

athletics and wellness.

 All Canadian Sports Management, Inc. is a Canadian tennis industry leader committed to “Growing the Game” in Canada. The company provides efficient strategies and answers in all areas of the tennis development infrastructure through leadership, research & development, and partnerships with private & public sectors.

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