U10 Inter-Provincial Team Event at Stade IGA


U10 Inter-Provincial Team Event at Stade IGA 

Ontario defeats Quebec at Team Competition in Montreal! 

The OTA and Tennis Quebec have historically competed in a U10 Inter-Provincial Team Event with OTA players selected from the Provincial regrouping (OTTP) program. Eight boys and Eight girls were selected by provincial coaches to represent Team Ontario.  

This event was put on hold during the pandemic but both teams are happy that it’s back!  

Overall, Team Ontario fought for every point and showing tremendous commitment and giving their best on every point. Congratulations to the U10 Team Ontario members who were victorious in each of the three days of competition, resulting in them winning the tie against Tennis Quebec.  We would like to thank all our coaches, Leigh Bradwell, Isabella Baston & Ravi Mehta. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help guide and lead this talented group to victory. 

Pictured above, Championship picture:  

Top Row (left to right): Team Ontario coaches Isabella Baston, Leigh Bradwell and Ravi Mehta. Middle Row (left to right): Callie Raharinosy, Mia Zhou, Marissa Woo, Paris Radovic, Elena Rusic, Urvi Singh, Alexandra Choe & Iris Fu. Bottom Row (left to right): Lincoln Murwanashyaka, Branden Zhang, Danil Zharkov, Evan Yu, Marco Bryan, Christoph Ross, Daniel Marinov, Egor Dobrovolsky.