OTA Club and Regional News - March 24


Niagara Region Team Tennis Doubles League

Tan Qureshi has been a force in tennis for over 40 years, well-known originally for developing the first computer ranking systems with Tennis Canada and the OTA. Since 2017, Tan and his son Munzil Qureshi have been cultivating Team Tennis in the Niagara area. Their current venture is called the Niagara Region Team Tennis Doubles League, with a home at Youngs Sportsplex in Welland on Sunday afternoons. The format is an 8-team league on four courts, with four rounds of play each week from noon to 6pm.  As many as 100 players are needed on the rosters in order to field 64 players each week, so the league reaches out beyond Niagara to encompass the entire SouthWest Region.

The final round of this year’s Winter League concluded last Sunday (March 5), with the Green Hawks (last year’s champions) defeating the Brown Stallions (1st place finishers after the regular schedule). It was a very close encounter with courts being split 2-2 and the outcome determined by games won. A good lesson learned: never give up, even when we’re losing … that one additional game can make all the difference!

The Spring League starts on March 26 and runs to May 14. Tan & Munzil use Global Tennis Network as their platform, and you can find the league information there under Niagara Region Tennis Network.

A goal of the league is to identify the strongest level of tennis in this area and provide quality matches for those players. If that sounds like you, and you’re looking for more doubles games, this is a good opportunity.  Spectators are always welcome, and the quality of play has attracted a regular following.


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