Club OTA

CLUB OTA is a loyalty programme offering exclusive values and contest offers from OTA partners for members of OTA clubs. Club OTA is one of the many ways in which the OTA gives back to players and member clubs.

How Club OTA works:

> OTA clubs receive Club OTA cards to give to members - one per member

> Members activate the card online (each member will have a unique Club OTA Member ID) 

> After activating the card, users will be able to access Club OTA deals anytime by logging in with your unique Member ID and password

Benefits to OTA clubs: 

> Great way to add value when marketing your club to potential members

> Adds value to existing members

> Validates your members' OTA contribution to; Answers the question, "What do I get for my $10?

We Need Your Help!

> Club Executives can inform members about Club OTA

> Distribute cards - one per member

> Put up a poster at your club or email it to your membership

> If you know of a potential partner - let us know


Club OTA is up and running for the 2016 season - Log In to access the current deals/contests, or, download the new CLUB OTA mobile app available on the App Store and on Google Play!