Universal Tennis Rating (UTR)

UTR Flex Leagues in Ontario

The Supreme Court in partnership with Universal Tennis (UT) has launched 3 new UTR Flex Leagues beginning February, 2023! The Toronto (GTA) Flex League, overseen by Alastair Millar and the team at The Supreme Court, is currently in the middle of its first session and has added a second session with 2 divisions: High Performance and 18+ Recreational. The Supreme Court has also launched its first outside the GTA; Ottawa Flex Leagues and Tri – Cities / London Flex Leagues, both of which also include High Performance and 18+ Recreational divisions.

What is a UT Flex League?

There are active UT Flex Leagues in over 65 cities in the US and Europe. Players wishing to join a local Flex League, including The Toronto High Performance Flex League and the Toronto 18+ Recreational Flex League, can do so by becoming a FREE Universal Tennis member and registering to play four matches with players at their level. Each league session is between 4 and 6 weeks long. Level-based play ensures competitive matches, and players choose when and where they play, working around their own schedule.

What is the UTR Rating Index

The UTR rating is the world’s most accurate rating platform. Universal Tennis began the system over 15 years ago and today there are over 800,000 players worldwide with a UTR rating! Players are measured on the same rating scale as touring pros like Novak Djokovic (UTR 16.25), Leylah Fernandez (UTR 12.37), Denis Shapovalov (UTR 15.61) and Iga Swiatek (UTR 13.19), as well as thousands of US college athletes and hundreds of thousands of recreational players!

The Verified Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) index is intended to be a reliable and accurate method of rating of a players' tennis skill. UTR rates all players - men, women, and children - on a single 16-point scale (with two decimal places, e.g., 11.29), that works for players globally, regardless of their skill level; from beginners to top professional competitors. The UTR's algorithm calculates a player’s rating from their last 30 eligible matches played within the preceding 12 months. The main data points are the percentage of games won (not simply the won/lost result), and the opponent’s rating. Each match played generates a rating; a player’s UTR is a weighted average of all eligible matches.

UTR uses a single scale, for both male and female players, that embraces athletes of any age. It is a common yardstick that makes it easy to mix genders and age groups for close, enjoyable matches.

All Flex League matches count toward a player's Verified UTR rating – a great added value for all competitors.

How do you rate? Now, it’s your turn to get counted!

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To find out more about the new Flex Leagues, or to register as a competitor, visit OTA Flex Leagues here. Be sure to understand and create your Universal Tennis profile if you have not already done so - you won't be able to access the league registration without one!

Players can also register as a player by scanning the QR code below: