Junior Competitive Structure

OTA tournaments range from Rogers Rookie Tour to 2-5 star level (5 being the highest level of competition in the province):

  • Rookie Tour: a fun entry-level competition for starter junior tennis players from ages 6 to 18. No ranking points are accrued.
  • U9/U10 Circuit: a competitive option for the more advanced U9/U10 junior player who has competed in at least three to five Rookie Tour events. This circuit has a separate points race.
  • 2 star**: The next level of competition where players can now attain Rogers Ranking points (i.e. Transition Tour). Player's ranked in the top 24 of the designated tournament category will not be eligible to participate.
  • 3 star***: Tournaments oriented towards more competitive and experienced players (i.e. Provincial Circuit)
  • 3.5 star***+: Tournaments oriented to high performance and experienced players (i.e Provincial Circuit Plus)
  • 4 star****: High-level events, usually requiring players to qualify or have a high provincial ranking (i.e. National Selections)
  • 5 star*****: Provincial Championships- 1 Indoor & 1 Outdoor, players can qualify via high ranking or the qualifying tournament

Note: For 3.5 star events and lower, acceptance is granted on a first come first serve basis when registering online at ota.tournamentsoftware.com.

Note: Acceptance for 4 star and 5 star events are based on rank. All players not receiving direct acceptance automatically go into the qualifying event if offered.


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