Points Race - Girls Under 10



Name Previous TOTAL New TOTAL New Rank
Noelle Dai 8100 8900 1
Isabella Woo 7400 8000 2
Eliza Tchasti 7400 7800 3
Anastasia Luchkin 7200 7800 3
Isabella Diaz Marquez 6100 6500 5
Mae Loftsgard 5100 5500 6
Milagros Pastuszka 4300 5100 7
Charlize Wong 4200 4900 8
Sandie Fridman 4100 4800 9
Tiffany Ting 4100 4700 10
Aleksandra Sopovski 4000 4500 11
Tessa Puente 3200 3800 12
Helena Chialtas 3100 3600 13
Samaia Januszewski 2700 3200 14
Saroop Randhawa 2600 3100 15
Jagvi Sharma 2500 3000 16
Grace Longe 2300 2800 17
Catherine Petruhin 2300 2700 18
Leah Schwarz 2200 2600 19
Mia Weselowski 2100 2600 19
Seemontini Pal 1900 2400 21
Zoe Zorbas 1900 2400 21
Riona Berbatovci 1800 2400 21
Sara Sasic 1400 2200 24
Juliana Calderon 1700 2100 25
Camilla Kroupetski 1400 1900 26
Taylor Marsella 1100 1800 27
Alexia Budanow 900 1700 28
Mia Zhou 1300 1700 28
Cosmina Puscalau 1300 1700 28
Isabella Wang 1000 1500 31
Callie Raharinosy 900 1300 32
Tatiana Voros 900 1300 32
Payton Dith 600 1200 34
Jennelle Langer 800 1200 34
Jasmine Li 0 1100 36
Tamara Seslija 500 1000 37
Sienna Manashe 0 1000 37
Elle Tucci 600 1000 37
Tia Vadan 600 1000 37
Nadia Brujic 500 1000 37
Paisley Shillingford 400 900 42
Maria Youssef 0 900 42
Stephanie Semenov 0 900 42
Edyn Sobie 400 900 42
Maria Chipova 500 900 42
Julia Prunoiu 500 900 42
Angelina Chacko 0 800 48
Sophia Kosenko-Melnyk 0 800 48
Salma Abdelrazak 400 800 48
Veronica Rabinovich 400 800 48
Cienne Pooran 400 800 48
Zahara Bromfield 400 800 48
Diana Brustur 0 600 54
Harmony Obanor 0 600 54
Ava Sanicharan 0 600 54
Chloe Dias 0 500 57
Sophia Olah 0 500 57
Kate Simpson 0 400 59
Alexie Duclair 0 400 59
Korey Peliowsky 0 400 59
Makayla Woodliffe 0 400 59
Arianna Deb-Baruah 0 400 59
Alexandra Steele 0 400 59
Alexia Enache 0 400 59
Mikhaila Maroy 0 400 59


Latest Update: November 25th, 2020

Last Tournament Updated: NAT GU10 Nov 13-15, 2020

The Future Stars Tour has concluded for 2020. Congratulations to all players! Top 5 will be contacted in each category will be contacted regarding the Future Stars Online Finale!


If you would like to provide feedback on the Future Stars Circuit, please take the time out to complete our survey that can be found here.

This short survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. For your valued time, you will be invited to enter a draw to win a $100 Cineplex gift card upon completion of the survey.

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