Ottawa Points Race U10


Name Rank Point Total Point Total with Bonus Total # of Tournaments Played
Nikola Bogojevic 1 3550 4050 5
Victor Dimitrov 2 3400 3400 4
Matteo Dal Grande 3 2500 2500 3
Lara Morand 4 1750 1750 3
Jacob Tremblay 5 1700 1700 2
Max Motamedi 6 1550 1550 3
Caleb Dayaram 7 1500 1500 3
Victor Balatchev 7 1500 1500 2
Sylvia Pavel 9 1400 1400 3
Nicholas Petrescu-Comnene 9 1400 1400 3
Mehdi Bedouani 9 1400 1400 2
Patrick Doak 12 1300 1300 2
Luke Hurley 12 1300 1300 3
Malak Aref 12 1300 1300 3
Catherine Dupuis 15 1100 1100 2
Henry Smith 15 1100 1100 2
Nicolas Berezniakov 15 1100 1100 2
Colin Munn 18 1000 1000 2
Alexandre Berezniakov 19 900 900 2
Daniel Augustine Gad 19 900 900 2
Joshua Adamson 21 800 800 1
Teagan Meredith 21 800 800 2
Maya Iacoban 23 700 700 1
Elijah Opps 23 700 700 1
Sofia Xie 23 700 700 1
Adrian Palframan 26 600 600 1
Sienna Manashe 26 600 600 1
Bronwyn Duggan 26 600 600 1
Jacob Izzy Chodos 26 600 600 1
Catherine Xie 26 600 600 1
Néva Robitaille  31 500 500 1
Alyssa Beltei 31 500 500 1
Maxime Badger 33 400 400 1
Gordon Dankov 33 400 400 1
Taocheng Wang 33 400 400 1
Kirsten Asogwa 33 400 400 1


Updated: May 29, 2019

Last tournament added:Manotick May 24-26, 2019



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Intense matchup at the #U18Qualifiers!! Plenty more happening throughout the day! #Qualifiers #TennisOntario #GetOnTheCourt

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Having a blast with the after school tennis program at Flemington PS, with the Sports, Wellness & Achievement Network (SWAN)! #TDSB #getonthecourt

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Twelve years ago, Brayden Schnur was the Under 12 Ontario Junior Provincial Outdoor Singles Champion. Now he is an ATP finalists. What a leap! #getonthecourt #TennisOntario #ONTennis @protennisfan @BraydenSchnur @TennisCanada

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Great weekend of #tennis at the OTA #U10Champions!! 🎾🎾 Congratulations to all players! Tremendous boys and girls finals! #TennisOntario #GetOnTheCourt #merchantoftennis #propenn #babolat

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The second day of the #U10Champions has ended!! This is where the tournament stands on the main draw...two more matches to go for this year's winners! πŸ† #TennisOntario #GetOnTheCourt

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Appreciate the fan club following we gotta get the real @biancaandreescu_ to follow OTA!! #TennisOntario #GetOnTheCourt

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The boys flights have begun and soon the girls will be going as well...the race for the titles have begun!!!πŸ†πŸŽΎ #U10Champions #GetOnTheCourt #TennisOntario

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πŸ†πŸ†πŸ…πŸ… #U10Champions #GetOnTheCourt #TennisOntario

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U10 Champions is underway with the girls round robin! 🎾 #U10Champions #GetOnTheCourt #TennisOntario