OTA Fair Play Award

The Fair Play award is an OTA program that rewards one Rogers First Set Tour - Rising Stars competitor per month for their exemplary conduct during tournaments.

Selection Process

Tournament Directors will be asked to select nominees based on the following criteria:

  • Outstanding sportsmanship during matches
  • Applauding your opponent’s good shots
  • Calling out the score when serving
  • Shaking your opponent's hand after the match
  • Maintaining your composure during matches: avoid emotional outbursts
  • Making accurate and fair line calls
  • Ability to manage your scores (avoid scoring disputes)
  • Avoiding code violations

Each month a winner will be awarded a Fair Play Certificate and a Cineplex gift card.

Only one individual is selected from the Rogers First Set Tour - Rising Stars in Ontario each month. (Includes GTA & Ottawa; U9 & U10; Boys & Girls)

Congratulations to the winners of the Fair Play Award during the 

2024 Rogers First Set Tour - Rising Stars

Nuanyi Li - January

Rui Cai - February

Coming Soon - March

Coming Soon - April

Coming Soon - May

Coming Soon - June

Coming Soon - July

Coming Soon - August

Coming Soon - September

Coming Soon - October

Coming Soon - November

Coming Soon - December


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