The fifth Champions event is scheduled for Feb 16 to 19, 2018 at the Aviva Centre in Toronto. 
Entry deadline is February 11. For complete rules and regs and to enter see below.
1. Eligibility
All players competing in the OTA Champions event must be born 2008 January 1st and later.  Players who have won the event in past years are NOT eligible to compete in this year’s event.
2. Submitting Entries
a) All competitors must be a registered OTA member.  To register please click on the link below.
b) Once you’ve registered as an OTA member please enter online for the event.  Note: Online entries only.  NO manual entries will be accepted.  Players are required to pay the entry fee when registering online.
3. Draw Format (Flight system)
All players will be randomly placed in a preliminary round robin box.  Players will advance to their respective flights based on their preliminary results.
4. Scoring
Full court - green dot balls
Best of three short sets up to 4, tie breaker at 3 games all up to 5
Note: Player’s are guaranteed a minimum of three matches
5. Tournament Seeding
The following criteria will be used for determining seeds for the event.
1) U12 Rogers Ranking
2) U10 Future Stars Rank
About "The Champions":
“The Champions” is the brain child of Mr. Murray Rubin, a life-long tennis enthusiast and member of the York Racquets Club in Toronto. Mr. Rubin has donated over $60,000 to “The Champions”, to be used to pay for the one-on-one coaching of the young winners and finalists - $20,000 per year, payable over a two year period. Rubin approached the OTA with the idea and, together with the staff, created the event. Mr. Rubin is a long time supporter of tennis in Canada and Ontario whose “goal is to help produce a Canadian world champion”. The OTA shares in his belief that; “in order to produce a great player, you must offer extensive coaching and start players at a young age”.  Forest Hill Real Estate and Scotiabank have also generously donated to this year’s event. The OTA will administer the tournament and the coaching dollars offered. 
Player Training Grants:
a. The boys’ singles champion and the girls’ singles champion will each be awarded a total of $6000 over 2 years.  The boys’ singles finalist and the girls’ singles finalist will each be awarded a total of $4000 over 2 years.  
b. All grants must be accessed by the players’ personal coach through the OTA and be specific to private coaching.  The players’ private coach must be approved by the OTA in order to receive the training grant.