Progressive Schools Tennis


Progressive Schools Tennis is an Ontario Tennis Association program that supports the development of physical literacy and fundamental movement skills related to the sport of tennis, while increasing student knowledge and appreciation for the sport.

Developed through a cooperative partnership between the OTA, Tennis Canada and Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada), Progressive Schools Tennis is designed for both generalist and specialist physical education teachers in Ontario elementary, middle, schools and high schools. It provides these teachers with the knowledge and tools so that they can introduce their students to the exciting potential that tennis offers in promoting lifelong physical activity and participation in sport.

Regardless of a teacher’s tennis background, Progressive Schools Tennis provides a step-by-step, easy to follow lesson plan that meet many of the required learning outcomes for provincial physical education curricula. Using modified kid’s tennis equipment such as slow-foam bounce balls, smaller courts, and graduated length racquets, all students in a quality physical education program can be successful in tennis.

The program's first priority is to schools linked to our member clubs, tennis associations, and communities with existing tennis facilities.

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Tennis in Schools - Educators' Manual


Tennis Equipment Order Form


Tennis in Schools – Sample Activities (VIDEO)


Recommended Music


Tennis in Schools – Lesson Plans 



“Cardio Tennis is a great way to get an effective cardio workout, shake up your workout routine, and get introduced to tennis for new players.”

-Daniel Nestor, Grand Slam Doubles Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist 


“I love running this program at my school for students of all ages. It’s a great new way to introduce them to tennis and ensure they achieve a good workout. It is a great complement to the existing Ontario teaching curriculum.

-Peter Jaklic, Physical Education teacher at Rosethorne Elementary P.S.

“Many thanks for your work with my kids at North Kipling. They truly benefitted from
the change in programming and new activities. Your calm, encouraging demeanor worked very well with my group. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you again in the winter!”

-Douglas Cornell, Physical Education teacher at North Kipling JMS

“The Ontario Tennis Association brought their fitness tennis program to Bennington Heights and rocked the gym. The circuit gets kids moving in fun tennis challenges that worked on a range of skills - from serving to movement. Ely, our tennis pro, did an amazing job modifying activities so that they would be age-appropriate for Kids from grade one to six. The school had a blast, highly recommended.”

- Frank Arabia, Bennington Heights Health and Physical Education Teacher


“I had the opportunity to see the GTS Cardio Tennis program in action at Shoreham Public School and it was great to see the smiles on the kid’s faces. Kudos to the OTA and the Ontario school system for seeing the potential of this program and implementing it. Kids need a physical activity which is simple, fun and engages the whole body and mind; Cardio Tennis fits that description. Cardio Tennis can be a great way to help fight the child obesity issues we face today.”

- Michele Krause, National Cardio Tennis Program Manager and Speakers Team Director


“Cardio Tennis is a great way for tennis players of all ages and skill levels to participate in
the sport and achieve a great workout. The Ontario Tennis Association’s Give Tennis a
Shot – Cardio Tennis program is a great way of implementing this program into the Elementary schools and introducing students to the sport while encouraging future participation.”

- Ari Novick – Tennis Canada, Director of Coaching



When selecting music for Cardio Tennis, it is recommended that songs have at least 120 beats per minute. Feel free to make your own Cardio Tennis playlists, or encourage your participants to bring in their own music. Make sure that the music is age appropriate, and free of inappropriate language. Consider using music with a slightly lower beat per minute count for cool down drills.

Recommended songs for children ages 6-9:
1. Gettin' Jiggy With It  14. Ghostbusters
2. At the car wash 15. Cubin Pete
3. Grease lightning 16. Venga bus
4. Chicken dance 17. Mony mony
5. The roof is on fire 18. ABC
6. Macho man 19. Jock Jams
7. I’m a believer 20. Sweet escape
8. Mama mia 21. All star
9. Hey ya 22. Pump it
10. Frog song 23. Space jam
11. Hey now 24. Walking on sunshine
12. Surfin USA 25. Since you’ve been gone
13. Barbie Girl    
Recommended songs for children ages 10 - 15:
1. Now Your Gone 
2. Let’s Get It started
3. Start me up
4. Rock you like a hurricane
5. Crazy
6. The man I used to be
7. Back in black
8. It’s tricky
9. Walk away
10. Long way to the top
11. Feel good inc
12. Where have all the good people gone