Research shows that Tennis Matters for the health and social benefits it provides, the pride it develops and the kind of leaders it produces. 


The Ontario Tennis Association (OTA) continues to be dedicated to its mission of growing, promoting and showcasing the tennis in the province. With this objective as a focal point the OTA has joined with Tennis Canada to launch an ambitious campaign to spread the word and reinforce the idea that tennis does indeed matter. The vision of the program is to grow the game, develop new champions and build a healthier, more active community.


Tennis enthusiasts can now support the OTA financially and get a tax receipt for their contributions through this exciting program. The campaign aims to raise funds in order to invest in three key areas including Membership and Regional Development, Player Development, and Competitive Structure


Membership and Regional Development programs include:

> Funding for school programs and community outreach initiatives
> Funding to support wheelchair tennis

Player Development programs include:

> Support for the Provincial Training Centre (PTC) at the Rexall Centre
> Funds to develop and support Regional Tennis Development Centres (TDCs) in Ontario

Competitive Structure programs include:

> Support for junior competitive tournaments including the Rogers Rookie Tour
> Support for the Circuit Ontario Open tournaments
> Support for OTA Senior tournaments 


You may  contribute to another program that is not listed above but is important to you. Also, you may specify that your contributions are directed at specific programs in your region of Ontario . 

The Tennis Matters campaign is a wonderful opportunity for the OTA to grow its programming. Let's all donate and make this program a huge success!


Please click here for Tennis Matters Donation Form or the Online Auction Acquisition Form.


If you would like to discuss your donation interests in more detail, please feel free to call or e-mail the OTA's Executive Director, Jim Boyce, at 416.514.1101 or