Inspire Through Sport is Expanding!

2024 is full of more opportunities for girls in tennis. Inspire has developed a new pathway for girls to get engaged starting at the age of 10 and to support them throughout their tennis career. The goals of Inspire are:

  • To get more girls and women involved in sport
  • To increase the retention rate of girls in sport
  • To increase the number of female coaches
  • To provide young women with opportunities to allow them to thrive in leadership positions

See where you or your daughter fits in the Inspire Pathway!

Inspire Engagement Program (Girls 10-13)

The earlier you get your girls involved in the game, the greater chance they will stick with it through adolescence and adulthood. The ‘Inspire Engagement Program’ is a non-competitive, fun-filled program designed to connect girls in tennis through an on-court and off-court monthly program. It will show that although tennis is an individual sport, in the right environment you can still experience the team atmosphere with other girls in the same position. It is an opportunity to play with girls from different clubs, build friendships, and learn about the pathway they will be taking as tennis players. The program is run by female coaches, along with teenage mentors that will be assisting the coaches and supporting the younger girls. Each session will include three hours of tennis and on-court games, along with a one hour social where we will share a meal and share stories and lessons. The goal is to have each participant leave the program with new friendships, more confidence, role models to look up to, and a love for the game.

Inspire Mentorship Program (Girls 14-17)

The ‘Inspire Mentorship Program’ is an online program designed to create a collaborative and empowering environment for teenage girls in their sport. We acknowledge that being a teenage girl in sports has its challenges, but we are strong believers that through sport, you can gain valuable life experience in a safe environment. Some of the areas we cover in our sessions are personal development, building confidence, leadership skills, tennis pathways and careers, and so much more. The girls will be learning in a team environment that allows them to build friendships, work together, and grow in a non-competitive environment. We believe that there are various pathways to success and this program will work with each individual to reach their full potential.

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