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New ONTENNIS Exclusive Instructional Series by Tennis Canada Coach 3 Adrian Coles – Part 5!

Check out the fifth release of the new exclusive ONTENNIS “The Competitive Edge” instructional series by Tennis Canada Coach 3 Adrian Coles. This series is for anyone who wishes to raise their compete level. A lifelong player and coach, Mr. Coles features easy to digest tips and strategies to help keen recreational competitors play smarter. Improving stroke technique certainly helps but that requires a great deal of deliberate practice. A quicker way is to sharpen tactical skills whilst still using the strokes you've already got! He will cover topics often overlooked or even glossed over in on court instruction when hitting lots of balls is what is appreciated most.

Part 5, “Point Blank - Make Scoreboard Pressure Work for You!” Coach Adrian talks about the importance of being aware of the score at all times and the importance of narrowing your focus for the “big” points like game and breakpoints. Some matches can be won even when losing more points overall – remember, in tennis, it’s not who wins the most points, it’s who wins the last point!

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