All tournament postings can be found at Players are required to have a current membership with the OTA (or other Provincial Tennis Association) to enter events.

Players should register online prior to the entry deadline (typically the Sunday before the tournament). Tournament withdrawals should also be completed online prior to the entry deadline.



Click HERE to access provincial rankings.  ( > Players > Rogers Rankings) 

A: All sanctioned OTA events.  Any national events played in Ontario.

A: From the OTA homepage ( click the blue "Player Registration" button.

Some events will ask that the entry fee be paid as part of the online registration process. If online registration does not ask for the entry fee upfront, players should expect to provide payment when checking in for their first match to the host club.

National Selection/(4 Star) events are listed between $60 - $80 (outdoor season) & $65 - $85 (indoor season).

Provincial Circuit/(3 Star) Events are listed at $40 - $60 (outdoor season) & $45 - $65 (indoor season).

Transition Tour (2 star) & Rogers Rookie Tour and Future Stars events will also have a similar entry fee to that of the Provincial Circuit events. 

Clubs may or may not charge HST on top of this fee.


The ranking system awards points for progress in sanctioned tournament play. The further a player progresses, the more points they build up.

Points are accumulated from a player's top 5 results over the past 52 weeks (top 3 results for adults). Results from each new week will be added and the results from the corresponding week of the previous year will be dropped.

A: If a player gets a bye and then loses in their first round played, they get the same points as if they did not have a bye and lost in the first round.  If a player gets a bye, wins their first match and then loses their second (third round) match they get the points for having won two rounds (i.e.: the points for reaching the round they lost in).

Yes. If a player is placed in the draw and withdrawal occurs prior to the first match they will remain liable for the entry fee, regardless of the circumstances leading to their withdrawal.

The player will not be held liable for the entry fee if an alternate is sought and able to fill the position in the draw.

For more information, please view the OTA Code of Conduct, Section II, #14.

Players receive a ranking by playing at least one of the specified ranking events. Point awards for tournaments are based on draw size and the strength of the tournament. 

A: At present they are different.  National Senior Rankings are manually calculated once a year for only those players who play in outdoor senior nationals using the best two results from eligible tournaments throughout the year.  The points depend on the round reached and the "star" value of the event with outdoor nationals having the highest point values, followed by indoor nationals, regional championships (Ontario is considered a region) and provincial level championships.

No. A player is not permitted to enter and play two concurrent Tennis Canada and/or OTA sanctioned tournaments, except when the qualifying of one event overlaps with the main draw of another. In such cases both Tournament Officials must be informed, understand the situation and concur with making necessary arrangements.

Juniors are treated the same as other Open players and can build an Open ranking. Results from junior tournaments do not count towards their Open ranking as not all Open players are allowed to participate in junior events.

A junior must reach the quarterfinals of an Open 1000 event to gain points toward their junior ranking (no other Open results will be considered towards a junior ranking).

A: Rankings are published only for players with up to date player registration.  If a player's registration has lapsed they will not appear to have a ranking, but the ranking information will reappear when they pay their registration fee.

Rankings are typically uploaded every Thursday afternoon the week after the event has completed.

Rankings will appear on your profile for 52 weeks from the date of completion.

A: One year from the time you register; i.e. if you reigster on January 5th, 2014, your membership will expire January 5th, 2015.

A: No, individual players are not members of the OTA; clubs are.  The one exception to this is in the case of competitive players, who must register and pay the  annual membership fee.

Draws are typically posted on Tuesday evening. Visit the tournament posting at to view draws.

Yes. Many international results are used for the provincial rankings.

Junior Rankings: ITF main draw results without a first round loss will be added to your match history. Adult ATP/WTA events will only be added by the same guideline or if a pro point is earned at a higher level event, via ranking or the qualifying process.

Open Rankings:  1000 rank points will be added for each professional point received or 75 points for every qualifying match won. As it is not easy to track qualifying events it is up to the player to contact the OTA for events outside of Canada.

As there is sometimes a delay in international results being added to a player profile please allow up to 3 weeks for points to be included in provincial rankings. Results are updated weekly with the Thursday night rankings.

A: U8, U9, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18. Only the U12-U18 divisions have sanctioned events eligible for rank points.

Tournaments are scheduled by the host club.

Weekdays: as early as 4:30pm (highly ranked & summer events may be scheduled earlier)

Weekends: as early as 8:00am

Last matches scheduled to begin as late as 9:00pm


All players are expected to be available during the entirety of the event. Time requests can be submitted; however due to draw size, court availability, etc. it is not always possible for the Tournament Director to accommodate all requests.

Tennis Canada sends a player list to the ITF 4 times/year. This is used by the ITF for determining acceptance lists for entry into professional events for players that do not have any Jr. ITF or professional ranking.

For more information on these lists, please contact Tennis Canada.

Once a new ranking list has been sent, this list will only be used for events in which the entry deadline has not closed. It is recommended players monitor their ranking regularly to make sure all results are up to date prior to each list being submitted.

A: Tournament registration can  be completed online for most events. Visit the OTA home page ( From there, select the blue "OTA Tournament Schedule" button.  Identify the tournament in question and click on it for detailed information.

Draws are generated by the OTA. Seeding is based on rankings at the time of the entry deadline. In some cases, such as National Selection events or Provincials, seeding may be based on the most up to date rankings or other relevant results. 

Beyond the seeds, all players are randomly placed in the draw. Once the draw has been posted, a player’s name cannot be removed unless an alternate is found or in highly ranked events where seeding is affected.

In some cases, the number of players accepted into the draw may be capped. This may be based on ranking (4 star events), first come, first serve (3 star events or lower), etc. Once the entry deadline has passed players will be notified of their entry status. Entry guidelines will be included in the tournament posting. 

Players playing in their own age group in domestic events are awarded points for first round losses, which amounts to a recognition of participation.

In general, players playing out of their age group domestically or players playing international events are not awarded points for a first round loss. In this case, a first round bye is not treated as a win.

A player receiving a walkover in the first round of a tournament is treated the same as a first round bye. If a player's opponent retires after play has commenced, the match is treated as having been played.

A player receiving a default, walkover, or withdrawal in the second round or later of a tournament is treated as having won the match.

A lucky loser is a player who loses a match in the qualifying round of a tournmaent, who then enters the main draw when another player withdraws because of illness, injury, etc. 

The list of lucky losers is determined by players losing in the last round of qualifying (players withdrawing from qualifiying and/or losing by walkover are not eligible).  The order of these players is based on the rankings at the time of the entry deadline.

There has been a new policy added to the 2017 Rules of the Court. Players who withdraw late or fail to complete all required events in a tournament will receive penalty points which can lead to a player being suspended. Click here for more details (page 95).

A: If you are from outside Ontario, you can enter without paying the OTA Competitive Player registration fee as long as you are a member of the tennis association in your area.

Players can only earn points when they have a valid membership with their provincial tennis association. Ranking points expire after a year. Players will appear on the rankings as long as they have points which have not expired.

CLICK HERE to sign up as a new competitive player or LOGIN to renew your membership.

A: Visit the OTA home page ( and click the "Player Development" tab - then click "Player Information" and select "Rules of the Court".

Once activated, players can login to their player profile at

A: Visit the OTA home page ( and click "Membership and Regional Development" - then click "Find a Club" and select "Indoor Club Listing".

Typically, the rankings are updated weekly each Thursday evening. 

A: Call the OTA office (416.514.1100) or email the request to  The charge is $8 per year.


Tennis Canada has implemented a "Combined Age Category Policy"  so that the actual make-up of the draw is with players of that particular age group. An event is rated as follows:

  • 25%+ of the players are actually in the category, or

  • if 50% of the players are in the category or one below or

  • if there are less than 8 players in a draw

If a draw does not meet any of the above requirements, the event will be rated at the category that this rule exists.

A: Visit the OTA home page ( and click the "Marketing & Communications" tab - then click "OTA News" and select "Subscribe to weekly E-News" or "Subscribe to Montly E-Magazine".

OTA tournaments range from a 1-5 star level (5 being the highest level of competition in the province)

  • 1 star: Entry level, non-ranked, tournaments (i.e. Rogers Rookie Tour).

  • 2 star: The next level of competition where players can now attain Rogers Rank points (i.e. Transition Tour)

  • 3 star: Tournaments oriented towards more competitive and experienced players (i.e. Provincial Circuit)

  • 4 star: High level events, usually requiring players to qualify or have a high provincial ranking (i.e. National Selections)

  • 5 star: Provincial Championships- 1 Indoor & 1 Outdoor, players can qualify via high ranking or the qualifying tournament

Note: Acceptance for 4 star and 5 star events are based on rank.  All players not receiving direct acceptance automatically go into the qualifying event if offered.  For 3.5 star events and lower, acceptance is granted on a first come first serve basis when registering online at

The Future Stars Tour is a comptitive option for U9 & U10 competitors with a separate points race and guidelines. More information can be found on under the "Players" tab.


For more detailed information about the rankings, please go to

A: In 2018, the annual fee is $66.00.

All ranking inquiries can be made out to OTA's Rankings Manager Ziad Halabi (

**All ranking inquiries such as changes in results or rank points must be made within 6 months of the tournament’s completion. Beyond this time period, the OTA will not alter a player’s record.**

A: Members are eligible to play in OTA sanctioned tournamets, be included in the rankings and also receive the Ontario Tennis magazine.

A: It is automatically sent via email on the 1st day of the month that it is due.

A: Yes. Players must have a current membership to be visible on the rank lists.

A: For a complete listing of competitive player age categories, visit the OTA home page: (  Select the blue "OTA Rankings" button.  This will provide all categories that have rankings.  In addition to those there are also non-ranking junior categories: Under 9 and Under 10.

A: Tournament registration should be completed online at Players will be required to have an up to date provincial membership in order to enter tournaments.

A: Yes. Players must have a current membership with the OTA to register for tournaments. 

A: The OTA Code of Conduct can be found HERE. ( > Players > Resources > OTA Code of Conduct)

See the Coach Certification Schedule for a detailed list of all courses and fees. (Coaches > Coach Certification > Course Schedule)

Click HERE for the 2016 Summer Camp Guide ( > Clubs > 2016 Summer Camp Guide) 

Call the OTA office (416.514.1100) or email the change of address or subscription cancellation to