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Journeymen, an organisation operated by The Supreme Court, is actively seeking Touring Coaches to help lead, manage and accompany junior tennis players on competitive tours.

Journeymen was recently founded in the hopes of creating an easier avenue for Canadian tennis players to compete at international events. The goal of the organization is to consistently offer interested players weekly, biweekly and monthly travel options to ITF or equal level events around the globe. Through partnership with individual pros, programs, academies and organizations we aim to bring like minded players together to help keep international competitions consistent and affordable through bundling common fees amongst players.

Job Description
The role of a “Journeymen” Touring Coach is to provide a supportive experience and excellent environment for aspiring tennis players. Although coaching and touring experience is an asset, most of the athletes attending these trips come from great developmental programs or work directly with highly certified, qualified and experience performance tennis coaches. As a result, the Touring Coaches role will be to oversee and assist in the traveling players match warmups, cool downs and practice sessions while on tour however, the Touring Coach is not expected to play an active role in the short or long-term development of the traveling players outside of going above and beyond to ensure the players are adequately prepared to compete come match time. The Touring Coaches are expected to have excellent communication with Journeymen management and player coaches while on tours. A vast majority of trip / tour planning will be the responsibility of Journeymen management through partnership with Tennis Access Tours.

The ideal candidate...

  • Is an active member of the TPA
  • Has a high-level playing background
  • Is an active Coach 2 or higher
  • Is above the age of 25 (requirement for most car rental companies)
  • Is outgoing, friendly and encouraging
  • Has a strong desire to travel
  • Is interested in a professional career as a touring or high-performance tennis coach

Currently, we are seeking interested candidates who possess the flexibility to travel, we are interested in individuals who can travel for a little as one week per month, to as many as four weeks per month and everything in between

Compensation for this position includes all travel and most expenses paid for, per diem for food, including a daily rate of pay based on certification and experience. This role has the potential to lead to other employment in High Performance coaching roles through The Supreme Court or other partner tennis academies. This role is scheduled to start almost immediately upon confirmation of necessary background checks and interviews.

Interested candidates should email resumes to Alastair Millar at Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions!

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