Todd Archibald

DSA Award Winner (2019)

Todd has made significant contributions to tennis over the past 17 years and to this day serves as President of both the Gwendolen Park Tennis Club and the North York Winter Tennis Club. He began his involvement as a tennis volunteer in 2002, serving as House League chair at Gwendolen Park where he organized teams and captains and handled the scheduling and awards night. Soon after, he became President.  It is because of Todd’s tireless efforts that Gwendolen Park Tennis Club has been the only community club in Toronto to have an additional court built at no cost to the club members. He and his committee worked day and night to secure the needed funding for this huge project. It took several years of dedication to convince the City to expand this site while also completely refurbishing the clubhouse at the same time. Today it is one of the most viable clubs in the North York Tennis Association. 

His success at the local club level was noticed by the NY Winter Tennis Club and Todd was invited to bring his expertise to this Board. Todd became a Board member in 2012 and immediately began using his extensive legal background to help develop new club policies. He has served as NY Winter Tennis Club President since 2016 and is currently working on future expansion opportunities. It is with great pleasure we honour Todd’s contributions with the Distinguished Service Award.

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