Michel Lecavalier

DSA Award Winner (2017)

Michel’s tennis leadership has been outstanding over the past 25 years. He was involved at the board level of his own community tennis club, Aldershot, for many years, serving as President from 1998-2000, and contributed much to its growth and development. He first began volunteering with the OTA in 2004 as a Director-at-Large and then in 2006 as VP of Membership and Regional Development. He served as President for five years from  2007-2012 and made a number of significant contributions in the areas of risk management and policy development. He sat on Tennis Canada's Council of Provinces during that time and influenced them to grow and expand the provincial funding model. Michel was awarded the Tennis Canada DSA in 2012. He was always a big proponent of recognizing volunteers at the club and community level and really promoted the OTA’s club awards and OTA's DSA awards.

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