Frank Kretz

DSA Award Winner (2010)

Frank Kretz has been an Aldershot Tennis Club member for over 50 years. In 1962 when Frank became club president, the club existed on 2 gravel courts in a small park. He convinced city officials that a new location and facility were necessary. In 1972 the club moved to its present site at Aldershot Park. The next year, the club had 350 members and 150 on the waiting list. Frank recognized the need for organized play and for developmental programs so he initiated leagues, lessons, tournaments, and organized events. Frank continued as president until 1974.

Even though in 1988 the club began fall/winter operations under a bubble, Frank continued to organize the men's daytime league throughout the year. Although he gave up that role recently, he remains at the age of 90 a dedicated player of the game. The Aldershot Tennis Club operates successfully with over 350 members year-round and an additional 200 members through the summer. The club has offered casual and organized tennis for all ages to generations of players. Much of which is due to one person who started it all, Frank Kretz. Frank represents those individuals whose organizational skills and love of the game combine to make clubs such as Aldershot such a success.

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