Distinguished Service Awards (DSA)

For a person to be considered for the OTA Distinguished Service Award (DSA), the candidate must be formally nominated in writing by two individuals. To provide information for the DSA Program committee to be able to select the award winners, a printable nomination form is available for completion and forwarding to the OTA office at:
1 Shoreham Drive, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario M3N 3A7
Fax: 416.514.1112
E-mail: ota@tennisontario.com
Even though nominations may be received at any time, only nominations received prior to April 30th annually are considered for that year.
Past DSA Award Winners:
2003 C.W. (Steve) Stevens Kenneth Sinclair Lawrence Strong
2004 Klaus D. Bindhardt Sharon Arnold Peter Dimmer
2005 Anne Marie Hudak Tony Schafer  
2006 Pam Olley Gus Morhart  
2007 Mary Ann Pilskalnietis Bill Knowles  
2008 Blanche Badenhorst Al Theobald  
2009 Eva Barbiero Stan Hannaford Wayne Saigeon
2010 Frank Kretz Bill & Jan Myers  
2011 Malcolm Still Helen Trainor  
2012 Jimmy Wong Betty Webster Meg Fletcher
2013 Erica Gilbert Sheila Hunt Rob Dawson
2014 Renate Crizzle Julio DiCresce  
2015 Pat Craton Rita Lee Don Minegishi
2016 Tady Saczkowski Richard Deyholds  
2017 Michel Lecavalier Bill Crothers Margaret Gibson
2018 Agnes Kern Ken Barnett  
2019 Jackie Sheehy Todd Archibald Mark Armstrong
2022 Dave Gervan Murray Rubin Marjorie Nicholson
2023 Diane Lang Rick Bertozzi Stuart Teather



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