2015 Year of the Sheep But NOT for the OTA


2015 Year of the Sheep But NOT for the OTA

Year 2015 is the year of the Sheep by the Chinese calendar. According to the Sheep Chinese zodiac sign, sheep like getting things done quietly and keeping things inside rather than communicating to others. From an OTA perspective, this couldn't be further from the truth. The OTA is now well into their four-year strategic planning cycle and I am proud to say the organization continues to strengthen its financial commitments to important programs, and to human resources and partnerships needed to lead the growth of tennis in Ontario and across Canada.

I'd like to focus on one aspect of this year that I believe will be a standout for not only Ontario but for all provinces....an improved partnership with Tennis Canada, especially in developing and growing tennis participation in Canada starting in 2016. I alluded to this aspect, discussing the 4M mandate in my Spring 2014 OT Magazine article but will elaborate here in terms of the schedule that has been set up to tackle these challenges.

1. National Planning Workshop Part 1 - October 2014

> For the first time, Tennis Canada met with all the provincial Presidents and their Executive Directors to focus discussion on how to best grow tennis participation in Canada. This was an historical first step simply because it was the acknowledgement by all involved that in order for us to succeed we must all have consensus and buy-in to the programs in which we invest. Everyone left the two-day meeting feeling that their ideas mattered and that the action steps identified will make a strong impact to growing tennis participation in Canada over the long term.

2. National Planning Workshop Part 2 - March 2015

> The Provincial Presidents, Executive Directors and Tennis Canada staff will meet for a 2-day partnership and planning workshop in Toronto to discuss a number of follow-ups to the October workshop and reach consensus on the eight National metrics, objectives and key initiatives to support the growth of tennis participation in 2016

3. Provincial Planning Meetings - April - June 2015

> In April - June there will be an opportunity for each Provincial Board and ED to meet with TC Tennis Development staff to focus on developing the plan for each Province's contribution to the National grow tennis participation plan with metrics, objectives and key initiatives for 2016 · The outcomes of these meetings will serve as an input to Tennis Canada's annual planning and budgeting process as well as Tennis Canada's Strategic Plan

4. National 2016 Planning Workshop - October 2015

> The Provincial Presidents, Executive Directors and Tennis Canada staff will meet to discuss resources, budgets and finalize the 2016 plan to grow tennis in Canada accordingly

I look forward to sharing more details of the outcomes of these meetings. In the mean time, whatever your zodiac sign is for 2015 may you find health, happiness and prosperity!

PTA Presidents, Executive Directors and TC Staff at the October 2014 Workshop 

This post was originally published on February 1, 2015 on ontariotennis.blogpost.ca