U18 National Qualifier

Below is the current acceptance list for the U18 Rogers Junior Nationals Qualifying Tournament, hosted by the Mayfair Tennis Club:

U18 National Qualifier: Tournament Fact Sheet

U18 National Qualifier: Acceptance List & List of Alternates (updated March 27th)

There will be updates to the Acceptance List between now and March 30 (i.e. players on the list of alternates moved into the main draw).
The latest version has been posted above. Lists will be updated as provided by Tennis Canada on the OTA’s website.


After over a week of hard fought competition, the results for the Junior Indoor Provincial Championships are in!
Below are the champions and top finishers. For complete results visit www.tennisontario.com/Player Development/Draws.
  Under 12 Boys Under 16 Boys
6th Ilya Tiraspolsky Victor Krustev
5th Ethan Meanchos Jack Mingjie Lin
4th Pavle Milic Dylan Bednarczyk
3rd Alvin Nicholas Tudorica Denis Shapovalov
Finalist Nick Lagaev Eli Ogilvy
Champion Liam Draxl William Tutecky
  Under 12 Girls Under 16 Girls
6th Daria Tomashevskaya Maria Patrascu
5th Nifemi Akinbiyi Katarina Kopcalic
4th Layne Sleeth Natasha Irani
3rd Alisia Stephanie Manolescu Teona Velehorschi
Finalist Sofiya Babych Tina Kreinis
Champion Alexandra Arkhipov Katherine Sebov
  Under 12 Boys Doubles Under 16 Boys Doubles
Finalists Pavle Milic Jack Mingjie Lin
  Nick Lagaev Malik Bhatnagar
Champions Liam Draxl Dylan Bednarczyk
  Alvin Nicholas Tudorica Stefan Marusic
  Under 12 Girls Doubles Under 16 Girls Doubles
Finalists Alexandra Arkhipov Maria Patrascu
  Alisia Stephanie Manolescu Victoria Dimuzio
Champions Natasha Sengphrachanh Katarina Kopcalic
  Layne Sleeth Tina Kreinis
  Under 14 Boys Under 18 Boys
6th Ron Singer Luke Galli
5th Paul Olteanu Dane Dunlap
4th Zac Faveri Sam Philp
3rd Ivan Mitric Jesse Flores
Finalist Malik Bhatnagar Denis Shapovalov
Champion Jack Mingjie Lin Martin Beran
  Under 14 Girls Under 18 Girls
6th Sophie Bui Jade Hilton
5th Luxmi Ramasamy Katarina Kopcalic
4th Anca Craciun Iryna Kostirko
3rd Bianca Vanessa Andreescu Gracia Mboko
Finalist Maria Tanasescu Vanessa Wong
Champion Brindtha Ramasamy  Katherine Sebov
  Under 14 Boys Doubles Under 18 Boys Doubles
Finalists Malik Bhatnagar Andres Olave
  Zac Faveri Jesse Flores
Champions Ivan Mitric Penfield Binet
  Ron Singer Martin Beran
  Under 14 Girls Doubles Under 18 Girls Doubles
Finalists Luxmi Ramasamy Laura MacMullin
  Anca Craciun Vanessa Wong
Champions Bianca Vanessa Andreescu Katherine Sebov
  Maria Tanasescu Sofija Zecevic

A special thanks to the following clubs who hosted the events…
Astra Tennis Club
Ontario Racquet Club
Ace Academy, Cedar Springs
Parkside Tennis Club
White Oaks Resort and Spa
…and the members who gave up their court time to allow these young champions to play!